Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Do You Like My Band-Aid?

Thanks for the comments and suggestions, folks. Show No. 1 is shaping up, but, oddly, will likely be fairly amorphous. (Where'd you get that word, amorphous?) No high-concept conceptual continuity the first time out, except that which might accidentally occur. I'll probably just play some fun Frank while I get comfortable with the board and all the other frightening little tools that science has made available.

Since the "maiden voyage" holds rich promise to be a meltdown as I bungle in the jungle with KHUM's fantastic array of punchbuttons, I guess the de facto theme could be ugliness. As we know, Frank had a wonderful relationship with ugly. He took it to the limit in all forms, whether it was naughtiness, stupidity or graunchy guitar, and discovered the underlying beauty.

I always thought Frank promoted that which seems superficially ugly in order to get rid of the faint of heart who might expect cute (ick, bark heave) music, clearing the decks for stuff that has eyebrows, as he put it. Sometimes the music didn't have eyebrows in terms of being fiery or thrusting, but attained wonderment by being severely stoopid. As accomplished as FZ and his musos were, they, almost alone in the world of art rock, dared to play dumbly at times.

So I'll play some of these aesthetic violations Friday night – I'm thinking "Them or Us," some "Shut Up and Play Your Guitar," maybe "The Radio is Broken." Oh yeah, "Packard Goose," too. That one has some interesting observations on beauty (and journalism) before it goes into a bizarre and majestically ugly/beautiful guitar interlude. What else would go good with the ugliness theme? Ah! "What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body?"

Mystery, adventure and romance

No one's guessed the etymology of Zappa's Grubby Chamber yet. But it'll happen, and up top there is the Big Prize, such as it is, the winning contestant will receive. Yep, it's a genuine unused ticket, plucked from the garbage can in the hospitality room at Maples Pavilion.

The ticket's story is, my friend Eric and I had weaseled our way backstage at the show, as we were wont to do in those days. After scalvaging things like the sign to the band's dressing room and other effluvium, we enjoyed tasty snacks and then went rummaging around in the garbage. There we found reams of unused comps, and, of course, helped ourselves.

This and other bits of tid have been languishing in my filing cabinet lo these many years. It's about time they saw the light o' day. So, be the first to explain where ZGC came from and I'll mail the damn thing to yez. Then you can fetish the thing, use it as a band-aid or sell it on eBay.

And if there's anything you really wanna hear Friday night, well, keep it to yourself. No! I mean feel free to request it.

See you on the radio!


chu said...

Ummm...right-on, bro. I'll be listening to the pilot from the site. Best wishes to you! Someone needs to carry the torch, so I'm with you %100. About the ZGC mystery: I'm still stumped. I've almost completely re-read The Real and have yet to find it. I hope none of my acquaintances catch wind that I didn't know that one; I'll be dethroned for sure.

Kevin L. Hoover said...

It's been so long since I heard the story, I frankly can't remember what medium it was in – print, a radio interview, I don't know.

chu said...

Ummm...right-on, bro. I'll be listening to your pilot from the site. Someone needs to carry the torch, and I'm with you %100. About the ZGC mystery: I'm still stumped. And I've re-read The Real almost completely with nothing found. I hope none of my acquaintances discover my ignorance, or I'll be dethroned. The prize would be nice. "check-out my band-aid!...Do you know vinnie? He used to like me
I speak good english
I’m bathing with peter..."

Anonymous said...

Welcom to the radio from Ann Arbor, MI. Was a big fan of digiDan and am looking forward to your show!
May the Weasals Rip Yer Flesh!


Anonymous said...

Hey Now Kevin! Good Luck in the studio ~ I'm sure the material will carry you through whatever techno-tribulations you might experience! I'll Be Listening!

Melora said...

Good words.