Thursday, April 26, 2007

We Have a Winner!

Just when I was about to give up on the nouveau abstrusion of it all, a learned FZ scholar has solved the mystery of Zappa's Grubby Chamber. That's right, you heard right – the term's etymology will be revealed on the show Friday night, April 27. Not only that, the meaning of "Zappa's Grubby Chamber" will be explained by Frank himself!

The winner, whom I will interview by telephone just after 10 p.m. (Ferndale time), will receive his ticket to the 1980 concert at Maples Pavilion along with a Zappa buck, above. These $100 bills were created by a fellow Frank fan back in the 1980s. I can't remember his name, but he was a guy who liked to make stuff. In those days, before Photoshop, it was done with paper and scissors, glue and a photocopier. I gave one of these cheesy bills to Frank one time, and he got a rather large charge out of it. In fact, it compelled him to track me down when he was on the road and write me a nice letter, postmarked New Orleans. I'll tell that tale in a future post.

I had a good time on the show last week – actual fun factors. It took a few shows to get used to the studio and procedures, but now we're rockin' with the tangy flavor of cheddar. We are moving forward, so to speak. What helps is audience participation, and I took calls from Garberville, Arcata and Tempe, Arizona. So, phone in requests and advice at (707) 786-5486 or e 'em in at

I was going to dwell on Early Frank and make a pilgrimage back to the first several albums, when he had to make do with sub-optimal resources, for this next show. I rarely listen to early Mothers, and should do so more often. I tend to dwell in the 1973-79 realm of Frank music, which is a lovely rut to be in.

But I'm feeling more free form at this point. For reasons having to do with the winner of the ZGC riddle (which will become apparent), I think I'll be departing from the primordial Mothers theme right off the bat. And I still owe Bob in Tempe a request for "Goblin Girl," which is one of Frank's most sweetly lascivious double entendre exercises, so we'll just see what happens. How about some controlled chaos? Works for me.

So, tune in Friday night as we reveal the mystery, wonder and enchantment of Zappa's Grubby Chamber!

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