Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pick Me, I'm Clean

Whilst rummaging through the mustier recesses of my FZ archive, I came across this tantalizing little morsel of an LP record. Imagine that – Frank censoring himself. We all know how outraged he was, and rightfully so, when Verve took out the innocuous line "feeding all the boys at Ed's Café" from "Let's Make the Water Turn Black." And of course, he wasn't one to tolerate any constraints on expression. So it's got to be something of a historical oddity that he actually sent a bleeped version of anything out into the world. I believe this came out about thetime Frank was under severe financial stress, so that may have helped compel the decision.

I don't remember ever playing this LP, so I'll do so on Zappa's Grubby Chamber number 9 and we'll hear how FZ implemented self-censorship. I scanned the cover large so that if you click on it you can see all the text clearly. This and other oddments I uncovered will make their way onto the blog in coming weeks.

You may know the new request policy: I'll play anything you want (except Prince, which someone requested last week, or any other totally non-FZ related tunes). But, just to mix it up, if you don't specifically request the original version, I'm gonna go with a more obscure rendition of the song. So if you want the "definitive" version of a song played, just say "baseline" or somesuch.

I realized driving home last week that I hadn't done a very thorough job of back-announcing some of the cuts I played, specifically last week's They Who Would Be Frank. Just so's ya know, that cut I played was Godley & Creme's "Sandwiches of You." And for this week's TWWBF, I have a cut by another artist of - believe it or not – brilliance comparable to that of FZ himself, but with a completely different sensibility. The song I'll play is more homage than imitation, and, as with "Sandwiches," I really think that's the best form of tribute to an innovative artist of Frank's stature.

So, feel free to call or write in your requests, comments, screeching feedback and whatever.

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Kevin L. Hoover said...

Someone's just suggested (via e-mail) that, this being the 40th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper, I play some "We're Only In It For The Money" tonight.

Great idea!