Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Frank Devotional

Well, the Rev. Falwell is in a far better place now, but whether it's prancing in the clouds or hanging out where the guy with the widow's peak and sulfur B.O. does his biznis may be up for debate. Christopher Hitchens pretty much nailed it, as far as I'm concerned.

UPDATE: Hitchens busted up some dishes on FauxNews, too.

In any case, it seems like a worthy occasion to dwell on matters solemn and religimous with Rev. Zappa, which we'll do after the first commercial break on Zappa's Grubby Chamber no. 7. Let's see... "Dumb All Over," "Heavenly Bank Account," "The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing," and...? Yes, there are some other fairly obvious selections, but I'm trying to solicit interaction. (What is this, a quiz? Don't you worry what it is. It is merely just a moment we can treasure.)

I remember when Frank's band performed "Dumb All Over" at the Greek Theatre at UC Berkley in 1984. God descended from the lighting truss in the form of a cheesy disco glitter ball with some frayed tinsel dangling from the bottom. Truly, it was a divine revelation. Anyone else remember that prop?

That was also the show where they played "Don't Be A Lawyer," a reworked version of "Tell Me You Love Me." Frank seemed to like to use that song's bones for other applications, including "Why Don't You Like Me?" from the '88 tour. But I've never heard anyone talk about "Don't Be A Lawyer."

By the way, the illustration above is by Cal Schenkel, from the Fall 1980 Tour Book.

Several people have asked that I play more early Frank. "Play more early Frank," they say. And so I shall... on vinyl! Well, partially. There's only one turntable at KHUM, so I'll hafta alternate 'twixt LP records and the digital versions.

Thanks for calling in and writing, folks. Consider posting to the blog, too. Or not... up to you... arf.

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