Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Listener Appreciation Night

Five episodes of Zappa's Grubby Chamber in, and I find that what really animates it is the involvement of Frank fans. You call, you send e-mails, and sometimes you post to the blog.

Above is the lovely and talented Matt Chu, who traveled to Arcata on unrelated biz, but who delivered a huge data dump of FZ goodness to my office. We'll listen to some of the items on ZGC episode 6 on Friday night. And it looks like Frank is smiling down upon Matt for his efforts.

I guess that's why Frank liked audience participation. Sorta livens things up. What I'd like to do is have you, the Frank fan, call in at (707) 786-5486 and tell me what it is about Mr. Z that appeals to you. What's your favorite FZ song? Solo? Did you ever meet Frank? Who first exposed you to his music? I want to know!

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M-Chu said...

Ouch! Nice photo. I knew 36 hours of no sleep and playing ‘airport vagrant’ would cause Redeye, but I didn't know it would turn my face blue!

Well, Friday's ZGC, 05-11-07 seemed to be another great episode with events unfolding from the studio, i.e. Kevin attempting to convert listener, "Tom" to a dedicated FZ fan. And now, subsequently at this very moment Tom is in eBay battling dollar for dollar against ME over Zappa vinyl collectables…another success story.

Also on Friday’s show, seasoned fan, "Dave" called in and divulged his fondest memories of Frank, and to the tune of "my favorite Zappa songs" he poot forth two God-Awful requests.

I must admit that if I were taunted with the question of "name your all time favorite Zappa tune" I would be mumblin’ and stumblin’. WTF? You gotta’ be kidding me. Okay. Let me try.

Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy - the original version from Bongo Fury. No, wait. San Ber’dino - One Size Fits All. Here’s a killer, Strictly Genteel from Y.C.D.T.O.S.A. VolVI. Help, I’m a Rock. (a cult classic) Actually, the entire Shut Up and Play Yer’ Guitar series - it’s the best sonic wallpaper on the market. Okay, the last 5 songs on You Are What You Is, especially If Only She Woulda, because Frank’s guitar solo is timeless. The Evil Prince from Y.C.D.T.O.S.A. Vol IV. It has layers of vocals and keyboards, which boggle the mind to comprehend that it was recorded live. Sy Borg - Joe’s Garage; Peter Wolf’s synthesizer…wow! Oh No/Orange County Lumber Truck/Weazels Ripped My Flesh - Arthur Tripp and Jimmie Carl; what a groove! …from Orchestral Favorites, Duke of Orchestral Prunes!!! Zappa In New York…all of it. Black Napkins from Zoots. Dummy Up and Village of the Sun - Roxy. WakaJawaka. Chunga’s Revenge. Status Back Baby. The Ocean is the Ultimate Solution. Drowning Witch. Magdalena……

Thanks. I’ll stop here.

I’m really looking forward to this week’s show.