Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Arcata Muffler Brain Police

Well, I guess we can now answer Frank's question, "Who are the Brain Police?" They were the softball team for Arcata Muffler, circa 1976-80. So maybe we shouldn't worry so much.

No, on second thought, let's keep worrying. I suspect that these aren't the only Brain Police. And the others probably don't spend much time on softball.

I must say, just the term, "The Arcata Muffler Brain Police," is worth a blog post in and of itself. I'll bet Frank would have appreciated the internal oxymoronicality of it all. The muffler orientation sort of de-diabolicalizes the whole concept of brain police.

In the halcyon pre-Interwebs days, it used to be a big deal when you met up with a fellow Frank fan. I remember when I met a guy named Mike Bisordi in U.S. Air Force basic training. I think he was from New Hampshire. At night, when the other guys in the barracks went through their Cheech and Chong routines, we'd recite "Billy the Mountain," inducing ennui and puzzlement in our brothers-in-arms, or brothers-in-underwear as they were.

Of course, nowadays Frank fans can readily network online, so we aren't lone voices in the wilderness. And yet, it's still special when you happen upon someone in everyday life who "gets" Frank.

One such soul is Jay Brown, who I sort of know. He's an Arcata artist, and when I passed him in the hallway the other day he congratulated me for having the Zappa show on KHUM. It turns out that he's a fan, too. He's the one standing with his arms folded, third from the right in the back row of the AMBP team photo. And he drew the team logo, below.Jay says the other guys on the AMBP team sort of appreciated the concept, but didn't care about it all that much.

Anyway, on the June 22 Zappa's Grubby Chamber, I'll play whatever fits the mood until about 10:30 p.m., and then we'll have Jay on via phone to talk Frank. He can better relate the whole AMBP thing, and we'll play some of his fave FZ songs.

I want to start doing this more often - probing the minds of Frank Zappa fans live on the show. Let's call them Friends of Frank.

So, dial up KHUM Friday, June 22 at 10:30 p.m. Pacific time, and learn all there is to know about the Arcata Muffler Brain Police.

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Anonymous said...

See this page for an interesting take on Frank's mustache:
Text from the site-

artist Most Powerful and Mystical Mustache: Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa's startling resemblance to unkillable Russian mystic Rasputin is no coincidence: a man doesn't record over 60 original albums' worth of mostly superior progressive rock, jazz, and symphony without summoning forces even darker than the rock gods usually conjure. Despite his prolific, eccentric, and often genius nature, Zappa always maintained a startlingly practical, down-to-earth perspective: a feat in the music industry that can only be explained by his involvement with cabalistic metaphysical forces as deep and impenetrable as his own inky, nebulous mustache.