Thursday, June 14, 2007

Strictly Commercial

First, howdy to anyone who wandered over from Kill Ugly Radio, a wonderfully well-evolved FZ blog and a great resource.

Last week's "Least-Loved Frank" show inspired the most feedback from listeners ever. There seems to be some general, though not universal, sense that some parts of "200 Motels," "Joe's Garage" and "Thing-Fish" lack the statistical density of wonderment usually found in Frank music. Between what I had planned and the listener suggestions, I didn't even get to all the least-loved songs. So that's grist for a future show.

This week, though, let's play some commercially acceptable music. Frank often came up with charming little ditties which might have been "hits" had there been any logic or justice in the radioscape. But no.

The graphics above are samples from the "Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch" press kit (click to enlarge). I love that big, boxed disclaimer at the top of the Buyways thing: "...personally written by FRANK ZAPPA whose unique humor we hope you enjoy." Translation: "The crazy man did this. Don't blame us. He's trying to be funny, but never mind, just buy the damn album." You can almost see the silk-jacket weasel record company executives scurrying for cover.

I also like Bennett Glotzer's appeal to radio programmers to "consider all other cuts." Oh right, I'm sure "I Come From Nowhere" got a lot of airplay amid the Olivia Newton-John and INXS or whatever was being foisted at the time.

So, for the next ZGC, we'll go for the gold, and play lots of Frank Zappa "hits" that never were. For the Least-Loved show, I played "Valley Girl," and since I can't stand to play that more than once a month or so, that's out. But I will play other catchy toe-tappers, like "No Not Now," "Be In My Video," "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy," "Status Back Baby," "Dancin' Fool" and more.

Any ideas? (707) 786-5486 or Or you could post a reply here, of course!


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