Thursday, July 5, 2007


There's no special significance to, or theme associated with, this week's pic – it's just another dreg from the archives.

Seems the execs back in 1970 wanted to milk the nascent FZ legend, so they issued this compilation LP of Frank-friendly acts like Alice Cooper, The GTOs and Wild Man Fischer. (Whatever happened to Judy Henske and Jerry Yester, anyway? Maybe they're worth a whole theme show!)

There's a relatively hi-res shot of the back cover below. Sorry if it makes the page slow to load.

Reading the liner notes, I'm kind of curious, so I guess I'll dust off KHUM's "record player" for the July 6 show and play some of these tunes.

I get the feeling from this album that the Warner Bros silk-jacket weasel brigades were already eyeing Frank as a possible Ronald McDonald of the Noveau Abstruse. That is, working with their "media partners" (the worst kind of sleaze) to package Frank as some sort of kooky-cute eccentric leading a coterie of weirdos like Capt. Beefheart and Lord Buckley who might make a coupla bucks who knows? This won't take long...

Funny how the front cover says "Zapped" while the back (and the label on the record) says "Zappéd." Musta been a miscommunication as the execs hovered over the mirror in the toilet stall at HQ. They probably got sidetracked talking about Acapulco, where all their friends go.

But never mind all that. For the next show, I'm not even going to try to call Jay Brown of the Arcata Muffler Brain Police. Nope, we've given up on that. Instead, Jay's going to be in the studio, and I'll interview him there, have him tell the legend and lore of the AMBP and play some of his fave FZ tunes. I think that'll include some '60s material, which is good because I don't play enough of the early years.

And in coming weeks I'd love to hear from and interview more FZ fans. What turned you on to Frank. What do you find most piquant about him and his music? Ever meet him? Got any stories? Call, write...

And speaking of that, thanks for all the e-mails and calls, folks. Again, do consider diverting some of that communication to the blog, so everyone will know.

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