Tuesday, September 4, 2007

ZPZ Berkeley 2007, Part 3

It's been fun replicating the set list of the ZPZ concert for the past two shows, and we'll wrap it up Friday night. Dweezil's choices took us down some interesting conceptual byways, and allowed all kinds of interesting versioning!

Yes, we "assumed a wide stance." And speaking of poor, repressed Sen. Craig, "Brown Shoes Don't Make It," which we played last week, includes this passage, ripped from today's headlines:

A world of secret hungers

Perverting the men who make your laws

Every desire is hidden away...

This week's graphic is of two artifacts from the concert. The panties which Dweezil signed for me, thus ensuring that they'll never be worn (or washed), and the matching pick he gave me, which says, "Gary Coleman" for reasons unclear.

That's it! See you on the radio this Friday.

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