Monday, October 22, 2007

Hobnoblin' wit de Goblin

Ah, Halloween. A special night for Frank, and all who revel in Zappatude. Why? Because that's when dangerous magic is afoot.

Halloween 1981. I remember it well, Eric Rowland and I were trying to manage an embarrassment of pre-digital riches that night, what with Frank appearing live on MTV while his embittered former employees did what they could in a bar in Hayward, Calif. (see above). While Eric taped the show on his BetaMax down in Fremont, I zoomed up to Hayward and partook of Jimmy Carl, Don Preston and the rest. Just to say I did, really – the real musical event was Frank, always energized by this particular holiday.

For the Oct. 26 Zappa's Grubby Chamber, we'll unleash hordes of barking pumpkins and maybe a giant poodle or two your way, because it's Halloween!

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