Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Who Is Making Those New Brownback Clouds?

By now, you, today's concerned Frank Zappa fan, probably know about the dumpster-based deathcult that comprises the Sam Brownback for President campaign.

Someone from that camp – or purporting to be, anyway – said some rude things about Our Hero that really don't bear repeating. Suffice to say that they're perfectly in keeping with the whole Neocon Repuglican ethos we've come to know and loathe over these past seven years.

I think it's up for grabs as to whether anyone could actually be that stupid, even knowing the depths of intellectual and moral depravity the Party of Piety has become so deservedly known for. It could be some kind of ultra-hip conceptual art project or something. But some on both sides took it seriously, as the comment threads on the Brownback blog and good old Kill Ugly Radio demonstrate.

Unfortunately, some Frank fans responded to the hate rhetoric in the same spirit in which it was (maybe) intended. Here's one particularly piquant hunk o' blowback, appealing of only for the rhythm and texture of the verbiage:

You sad sacks of decaying human pus … thank your Imaginary Cop for the ignorance that keeps the shredded integuments of your twisted little faux-reality intact. You plainly lack the morals, the intellect or the maturity to stomach the alternative.

Guy’s been stone dead for almost 15 years - hey, wow, so has the conscience of the USA!


And so on. But really, what's the point? Do we need to become like them to define them? Do you think Frank would have wasted his time flaming morons? Sure, but he'd do it musically.

And did. So, for the Nov. 16 Zappa's Grubby Chamber, we'll harken back to those halcyon days when Mr. Z "celebrated" the Republicans of his day in song. And whenever the word "Falwell" or "Robertson" or "Meese" comes up, we'll mentally substitute "Brownback."


M-Chu said...

It’s an excellent theme for the 11-06-07 ZGC broadcast because we all know Frank was the political/social critic of his day. For instance, from the very beginning the musings of Freak Out were known to scathe the political landscape of that time in groundbreaking fashion. And that also set the stage for much of his satire during those days we knew Frank so well.

So now I must confess that I’ve strayed from the ZGC camp a bit in recent months. It began with a HD crash that left me digging through the attic for a replacement. Then after getting it back up and running, it was too late to duplicate the previous system that I was using to pseudo-TiVo Kevin’s show so that I could enjoy a Saturday morning playback (the show begins at 1:00 am in my time zone). So after faltering, and then the result of an imperfect ZGC archive, and a variety of other events, I fell to the wayside. Kevin, I still love the show. I hope I’m back now.

The Brownback Blog was staggering indeed. And yes, it seemed to bring forth the worst from both sides. The actual scary part is: I’m not certain that it’s a parody blog as some have speculated. Now that’s REAL SCARY. The negativity spilled over into other blogs and that’s where I left my imprint. I also revealed my unstable character after someone left a hyperlink to a photograph of an unmarked grave purported to be that of Frank’s. Well honestly I lost my mind. All this time I felt assured that our beloved Frank was quietly resting in a private mausoleum deemed fit for the charismatic genius of Mr. Frank Vincent Zappa. Therefore, if the hyperlink was authentic, then it’s an irreverent kick to the stomach of Frank worshippers such as myself. So with what little time I had to remark on the subject I began to lash out at the ZFT estate. And like a complete moron, I just plain forgot the #1 golden rule about electronic issuances; that once a posting is authored, it’s FOREVER. But in actually I’m quite surprised that I have yet to receive any negative feedback for all my incendiary comments. I spoke out of context, out-of-character, and out-of-my-mind. Well, it’s all water under the bridge now.

Kevin is a great custodian of Frank’s music and certainly has the credentials to be moderator Crush All Boxes. And as the host of ZGC, he paints a beautiful picture of Frank’s artistry and he writes very eloquently here. I loved the way he opened this blog using the term “statistical density” to lay claim of listenership in the Humboldt area. And on that subject I should tell you that I live in a region of the country where Brownback probably received a fair amount of monetary contributions for his political endeavors. Thus it would be safe to say that the “statistical density” of Frank fans in this Red state couldn’t be evaluated. Another way to survey the demographic composition in this area was revealed to me last week when I traveled north, and while looking for an Independent political talk show on the radio, I found Rush Limbaugh on 3 different stations, simultaneously within 1000 megahertz of range. That’s pretty pathetic.

Okay, so I spoke out of context OVER THERE in that other blog, and the words I said were quite stupid, but I hope you won’t think less of me whilst I take a parting shot at Frank’s Pumpkin for breaking bread with the DNC and donating a substantial amount of funds to the party. This happened a number of years ago, as did the passing of Frank. The hypothetical notion of Frank’s reaction to all this Brownback Brue Ha had recently been entertained a time or two in the blogs. Well I can’t help but to imagine Frank’s cunning remarks about his money from his estate being squandered towards a political party that is only the lesser of two evils. Frank was neither a D or an R. He was just Frank as all hell. God I miss him.

Kevin L. Hoover said...


You needn't apologize. The only reason I didn't get mad is that because of my newspaper work, I deal with opinionated hostility all the time and I'm kind of used to it.

In fact, when I saw that Brownback verbiage I was kind of delighted, because it contradicts everything they supposedly stand for.

Matt's back!


Anonymous said...

What Brownback wrote was in no way a parody and/or satire (though it may have been disguised as one). It was hate-speech, pure and simple. Your picking out of Kill Ugly Radio as particular dupes also gives Brownback more credit than he deserves. KUR is a weblog were everybody's opinion matters concerning the late FZ, even Brownback's (if he ever dared to show his virtual face).


Kevin L. Hoover said...

I don't think KUR are "dupes." It isn't clear what the hell that Brownback blog is, is all I'm saying.

I am pretty sure that Brownback himself didn't say the hate stuff. Just some of his more zealous backers - or parodists, as the case may be.