Monday, December 10, 2007

Nuance-Crazed – December 14, 2007

Does your girlfriend like Frank? Tolerate him, maybe? If so, consider yourself fortunate. Many well-dressed people in several locations may share everything from sensitive poetry to various fluids, but all too frequently, the Zappa coffee-and-cigarette energy eludes joint assimilation. In other words, she don't like it.

If you think about the few Zappa tunes that have penetrated the morass of sameness that constitutes mass-market music (I don't need to name these songs for you), you understand why the lay perception of Frank has to do with brashness and bombast. Don't eat the yellow snow, hyuk, hyuk!

But we know that Zappa music comes in a full range of colors, textures and temperatures, from searing to shimmering and often, quite subtle. That's the kind of thing I plan to play on the Dec. 13, 2007 Zappa's Grubby Chamber.

The reason is, near the end of last week's "Smell the Glove" show, Julie e-mailed in a request for "Black Napkins." But I already had the final theme tunes loaded up and timed out to the top of the hour, so I wasn't able to play it. That song has some real mega-nuanced guitar "licks" (all over), as does its even more subtle companion piece, "Pink Napkins" (I think of them as related, anyway). And what else?

"Lucille," "I Promise Not To Come In Your Mouth," "Watermelon in Easter Hay," "Spider of Destiny""Rubber Shirt," "Outside Now," "Canarsie," "Stucco Homes," "While You Were Art II," "The Ocean Is The Ultimate Solution," "Blessed Relief," "One Man, One Vote," "Tink Walks Amok," "Jonestown," "Damp Ankles," "Project X," "St. Etienne," "Canard Du Jour" and even "Weasels Ripped My Flesh" all come to mind, and might get played.

I'm not saying this music is romantic, but it's got some aspects of that Zappa guy that your average "Valley Girl" fan might not know about. Or even your girlfriend.

Meanwhile, last week

Every week I write down a list of the songs I played, and then do nothing at all with it. Henceforth, I shall make an effort to jot down here what the last show consisted of, apart from ads, announcements and extraneous occurrences.

Dec. 7 was a good show (for me, anyway). I wasn't sure how the "Smell the Glove" theme would come together, but it did, and quite smoothly.

Torrid tuneage consisted of:

  • Be In My Video
  • Mudd Club
  • Rudy Wants To Buy Yez A Drink
  • We're Turning Again (FZMTMOP)
  • We're Turning Again (YCDTOSA6)
  • Is That Guy Kidding Or What?
  • I Have Been In You (Sheik Yerbouti)
  • I Have Been In you (YCDTOSA6)
  • Carolina Hard-Core Ecstacy (Bongo Fury)
  • Carolina Hard-Core Ecstacy (YCDTOSA4)
  • Tinseltown Rebellion (Tinseltown Rebellion)
  • Tinseltown Rebellion (DHBIM?)
  • Mud Shark/What Kind of Girl Do You Think We Are?/Bwana Dik/Latex Solar Beef/Do You Like My New Car?/Happy Together
  • Punky's Whips (ZINY)
  • Punky's Whips (Baby Snakes)
  • Purple Haze/Sunshine Of Your Love


Julia said...

How about "The Orange County Lumber Truck"?! That track is so out-of-sight. And "none of the above".
Do you think the yellow shark live version is better or worse that the jazz from hell version of "g-spot torando".
I always liked the many moods of "Cletus" from the Grand Wazoo.

Is it Friday yet?

Kevin L. Hoover said...

"Do you think the yellow shark live version is better or worse that the jazz from hell version of "g-spot torando". "

They're both so enchanting... Usually orchestral treatments are wheezy and ponderous, but not that one. The practice the Ensemble Modern put in really shows.

Julia said...

kevin said: "Usually orchestral treatments are wheezy and ponderous, but not that one."

I should hope that song called "G-spot Torando" wouldn't be "wheezy and ponderous".

I thought your opening comment about girlfriends was ironic. I once had a boyfriend that confronted our incompatibility when he saw my passion for Zappa and Captian Beefheart (and my membership in the Church of the Subgenius probably didn't help). It just wasn't meant to be, so I went home to the Captian's Safe as Milk and Bat Chain Puller a few times until I felt better.

"Fact of the matter is, there is no hip world, there is no straight world. There's a world, you see, which has people in it who believe in a variety of different things. Everybody believes in something and everybody, by virtue of the fact that they believe in something, use that something to support their own existence." -Frank Zappa