Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Successor to Frankly Zappa?

I've been asked to host the Friday night Zappa show on KHUM, and have agreed to give it a shot.

Since age 15 or so (I'm 53 now), Frank's music has always been playing somewhere in the back of my mind (along with the Beatles). So much so that I hardly need to play it any more in order to enjoy it – the stuff is basically tattooed on my brainpan. But when I do flop an FZ disc on, it never fails to get me singing along and playing the drum parts on my desk.

I'm not the most fanatical Frank fan, nor am I a completist about collecting his stuff. The music itself is what warms my heart. But I do have some FZ effluvium, a few stories and maybe some insights on the Frank Zappa problem.

With Frank's music and history, there's so much to talk about, so I'm attempting to approach this project in something resembling a systematic fashion. This blog will be part of that, serving as a companion to the radio show - a forum and sort of concordance. There are lots of possibilities for theme shows and guests, so who knows where this will go?

I'm fortunate to live in an area which, though remote, sports a fairly high statistical density of Frank fans. And I'm immensely thankful to KHUM for asking me to do this. Immense thanks, KHUM! Best of luck to Digital Dan as well.

My hope is that I can connect with the Zappa-appreciating community locally and beyond, and, keeping Frank's music as the focal point, have a lot of fun.

I'll probably yield to the compulsion to discuss non-Frank related matters here as well, due to conceptual continuity and fractional divisions thereof.

Hey, for starters, who knows what "Zappa's Grubby Chamber" is, besides the tentative title to the radio show? It's a fairly obscure piece of Frank minutae, but I'm sure I'm not the only fan to know about it...