Friday, January 25, 2008

Essential Frank – January 25, 2008

Running late this week, so without any real time to prepare, this week's show concept is... Essential Frank.

What's the single most definitive Zappa song? "Peaches?" "Valley Girl?" "Orrin Hatch On Skis?"

Well, that's just it – there isn't any one tune that really defines the Zappa experience. Even in two hours, I doubt that we could get Frank's core repertoire covered.

But we can try! I have my "ideas," but what are yours? Call 'em in, or e-mail the studio during the show as we set the controls for the crux of the biscuit!

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Mike Lerch said...

I asked Keneally why out of all the Zappa tunes he makes it a habit to cover Inca Roads. His reply was, "Because it has everything." So, even though I am a little tired of it, I say make sure you include Inca Roads.

My own pick, I'd say probably Uncle Meat Variations.