Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Too Adagio – February 15, 2008

The great thing about Frank's vast and eclectic repertoire is that you can pick any concept and find plenty of material – at least two hour's worth – to create a theme show.

So, this week, the secret word is Midwinter Torpor. We're all hunkered down under overcast skies, trying to keep from getting pelted by them raindrops, moving kinda slow... slow.

That's it! The mystery and enchantment of sheer s l o w n e s s.

I've noticed that in any given week, I usually have fairly firm ideas of what I'll probably play that fits with the theme. But sometimes, such as with last week's Sheer Elegance show, I end up not even playing the stuff I thought was key, like "Bolero." You just never know where the music (especially the requests, thank you) will take you.

Well, "Bolero" will fit in just right with the Slow theme, as will "Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?" "I Have Been In You," "Sleep Dirt," "Hog Heaven" and many more.

We've got the s l o w w w w w w s on this week's Zappa's Grubby Chamber.

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Russ Stedman said...

The clear winner of this contest has to be "Montana" from the Helsinki concert : "It's such a ballad at this tempo".