Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bryan Beller's Coughing – October 10, 2008

For my smash-flop return to KHUM's airwaves, I've been debating how to start the show. Sure, if tradition holds it will begin with some missed cue or blown segue, but apart from that.

So I settled on a live tune that includes a number of the elements we adore Frank for – musical mischief, impossible licks, a sprinkle of tinkertoy and great guitar playing. Which is it? Tune in at 10 p.m. this Friday, or online at at khum.com and find out.

Thanks to Scatch for asking me to sit in during his absence. While driving 54 miles every Friday night was more than I could sustain, the occasional fill-in duty is more than do-able. Plus it will be ever so fun to play rope with Chas's canine-pard Luther before the show.

I sure hope I hear from some of my old Zappa's Grubby Chamber buddies – Matt, Julia, Bob, Ron, Dave and others who – I'm sorry – that I'm forgetting.

Apart from the Frank musicks, I have a few other special moments planned, and they mainly consist of non-Frank items that I know in my heart will appeal to Zappa fans. This is Radio Without The Rules, y'know. Besides, what're they gonna do, fire me?

That great South Dakotan Russ Stedman has a new album out tittled Fear of a Podunk Planet, and it's marvy-poo. So I'll play a cut or two off that for you, the Zappa fans who I know will appreciate it. And have you listened to the latest Ween album, La Cucaracha? No? No worries, I gotcha covered... with my own bare hands.

But the main extracurricular event will be my interview with Bryan Beller. His new album, Thanks In Advance, has a lot of appeal to my Zappa-ingrained sensibilities, and so can you be too – fact of the matter, it's made for you.

That's Bryan back in the 1990s during one of his visits to Arcata. He played at the old Jambalaya Club with Beer For Dolphins and a certain Mr. Keneally, and had ordered a samwich from Hole In The Wall deli earlier in the day. Bryan wails on the bass, he dials a phone... is there no limit to this man's versatility? Clearly, Beller is the bass player America needs to help us navigate these troubled times.

I recently interviewed Bryan on the phone about his new album, about being steeped in the Zappa musical milieu and various other matters. I'll run the interview during the second hour of the show.

So tune in and dig it, baby – Zen Through Zappa's Grubby Chamber is off the wall and on the air this Friday night!


Dave Berman said...

cool beans, man. too bad I'll miss it live. will this show be available as an archived .mp3 download?

kaivalya said...

I will do a special dance just for ween.
Thanks kevpod!

M-Chu said...

It’ll be great to hear ZGC again. Just when I was thinking “Those days are probably gone forever. I dunno’, unless Nixon’s going to bring them back a little while later.”

Hey. If the possibility of another show arises before the BIG bid on who wants to be the next puppet for the New World Order, a political theme would be quite appropriate. After all...

Mr. Zappa wants to have a bunch of young, uninformed 18 to 21-year-olds votin' here, and spendin' your money. No, I'm gonna ask for the power and ask for the glory. I'm gonna now, I'm gonna tell you a story. I'm gonna drive out the demons, friends. I'm gonna ask you to help this badness end. Come on Frank, let's have a story. Come on now share the glory. Do you feel the power? Come on, put out the negativity...

Suddenly I have the desire to hear the ’88 band’s rendition of Big Swifty.

Best wishes, Kevin. I’m looking forward to it.

kaivalya said...

Gspot tornado - my favorite! you shouldn't have.

This evening I was inspired to get my ticket for Les Claypool and Zappa plays Zappa in San Fran on New Years!

Thankfully there is No God it's Friday!(tm)