Monday, March 17, 2008

Let's Eat! (Updated) – March 22, 2008

This pic is of a window display at Music Millennium, an iconic music store in Portland, Oregon. Zappa's Grubby Chamber friend Mark Lovelace, who sent in the shot (thanks, Mark!) said they also had a large mural which reads "Keep Portland Weird!"

If anyone can do it, Frank can.

However, I can't. And as I mentioned last week, this is the last ZGC as we know it.

Update: Thanks, Barry, for helping tell the world of the show's demise. I guess I better try to do clean segues tonight in case people from Belgium are listening. BTW, if anyone wants to hear the groovy promo MP3 for tonight's show, write me at and I'll e-mail it to you.

For the final Zappa's Grubby Chamber, we're going to serve up and pound down a veritable feast of tasty Zappa tunes. I mean like, if we're going to sail off into the sunset and stuff, we might as well chow down on some yummy Frank music beforehand!

As with almost any topic, from soup to nuts, one finds a wealth of Frankly insight on the food situation. It may have been the most-often alluded to subject, next to matters of a horny nature and Republicans, which are often one and the same.

FZ songs that deal with food, or eating, or hunger, include "Uncle Meat," "The Dangerous Kitchen," "Cruising For Burgers," "Lumpy Gravy," "Electric Aunt Jemima," "Call Any Vegetable," "Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue," "Muffin Man," "The Duke of Prunes," "A Little Green Rosetta," "Marque-son's Chicken," "Chana In De Bushwop," "Any Kind of Pain" and others that you or I will think of between now and Friday.

I'm working on some possible telephone guests. They may or may not happen.

But it's a groovable feast on this, the last Zappa's Grubby Chamber.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Genius – March 14, 2008

People, I am leaving Zappa's Grubby Chamber – at least for now.

The reason is the physical toll on my chassis. As presently configured, doing the show requires driving to and fro in a 54-mile round-trip on a Friday eve/Saturday morn amid Taco Bell-engorged teens, Humboldt County weather and local California Highway Patrol officers on the make. Get the picture?

There's a loyal cadre of hardcore listeners, but as to any larger appeal, I just don't know. Is there any place for a dedicated Frank Zappa music show on FM radio any more? I'd like to think there is. I certainly have a ton of unexploited show themes.

But... with a few shows left to do, I plan to wind up with a flourish of genius. What songs best exemplify Frank Zappa at his most artful and clever?

To me, there are some clear best-of-the-best songs. "Echidna's Arf (Of You)," "Pygmy Twylyte," "Andy," "The Jazz Discharge Party Hats," and so many, many, more.

Genius Frank, on the next-to-last Zappa's Grubby Chamber.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

They Discussed the Weather – March 7, 2008

Frank always said his lyrics involved a measure of journalism. Through his songs, we got updates on a certain draft-dodging mountain, Eskimos with deflicted eyes, frogs with dirty little lips and other pressing matters of the day.

Plus, weather! Yes, Frank oftrn included weather reports in his music, these bearing on brown clouds, rainfall, weird and even scary winds and more.

For the March 7 Zappa's Grubby Chamber, we'll dwell on matters weatherly with songs like "Anyway the Wind Blows," "Teenage Wind," "Wild Love" and more.

You won't need a weatherman for the March 7 ZGC.