Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Green Hotel – February 13, 2008

This ticket has no particular significance other than being kind of cool.
Almost the whole band signed it. This was the show me and Eric
got to see the soundcheck for.

Where'd they go, those good old days and all that crap we used to sell?

Hard times are here again, though as of this writing one may still purchase utterly useless manufactured goods, such as perfumed glossy fashion magazines featuring undernourished, dour models wearing the ugliest clothes imaginable. We'll probably be on the same caloric intake level as the beautifully sad specimens on those pages before the year is out, unless we eat the magazine.

Scatch asked me to do the Feb. 13 Zen Through Zappa, and since it means a lengthy late-night drive on Friday the 13th, I had no choice but to agree. What could go wrong?

All in all, the theme that suggests itself right about now is not bunnies in clover, no. But rather, hard luck – immediate and long-term, near and far. Like, say, the type which has enveloped civilization. In case you hadn't noticed, things are really rough these days. No, really really rough. But we still have Frank.

So what we'll do Friday the 13th is hit the streets, the mean streets of post-Bush America for some nitty-gritty. We'll swig some hooch with wino men on the Arcata Plaza (really, we will), hear episode No. 1 of the Grubby Chamber proto-podcast and toast our troubled times with relevant repertoire from you-know-who.

"Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel," "Trouble Every Day," "200 Years Old," "Teenage Prostitute," "Suicide Chump," "The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing," "Stick Together," "Flakes," "Yo Mama," Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?" "Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station," "Wonderful Wino," "Dummy Up," "Can't Afford No Shoes," "San Ber'dino," "Stuff Up The Cracks" and "Hungry Freaks, Daddy" all seeme relevant in some way, and could get played. Along with whatever you have in mind.

KHUM becomes Hot Plate Heaven as we celebrate the Depression on Zen Through Zappa's Grubby Chamber Friday, Feb. 13.