Friday, February 26, 2016

60 Days Out

At long last the hike planning is nearing completion. Just in time, too, since I hit the trail in 60 short days.
So much has been happening behind the scenes. I'm simultaneously planning my itinerary, acquiring gear, managing the many donations (thank you), doing test hikes of various kinds and participating in the many online fora for PCT hikers.
That and trying to keep up with my work duties. It's a heady and affirming time.
The things I hear most:
• "Are you hiking alone?"
Yes and no. While I'm setting off on my own, I read that many of not most hikers do hook up with others of similar pace and sensibilities for a time.
Also, since I've starting out at the Mexican border April 26, there will be hundreds of people behind me who are leaving in the ensuing days. Most of them are younger and probably faster than I will be, so some will be overtaking me. It's kind of good to know that if I get into some sort of situation on the trail, there will be others coming along before very long.
So I'm guessing I'll enjoy a nice mix of solitude and camaraderie.
Check here to see the Mexican Border Availability for April and May. I'm deeply embedded in "the bubble," just as I'd planned to be.
• "Have you seen/did you read Wild?"
Yes and no. The movie was OK, kind of Hollywoody and not super-useful for trail planning. I may or may not get to the book before I leave. Anyway, it doesn't have a lot to do with my approach, which involves significantly less heroin, nor did I decide to go on this hike because of Wild.
• "I'm really looking forward to reading your dispatches from the trail!"
And I am looking forward to writing them. And shooting and editing them.
Being an expressive creature, I do plan to describe the journey in blog posts here, on Facebook, in the Mad River Union and on YouTube. And Twitter, if I can ever get myself into the habit of using it.
In fact, January and February have been consumed with, among myriad other details and arrangements, acquiring and testing out the iPhone apps I'm going to use to transit my multimedia blurts.
March is going to be about proving the media setup and getting into the swing of frequent postings, beginning with some of my test/training hikes. Also, packing up the food resupply boxes and preparing them for mailing.
And, it will also be about my big sendoff event, Trails With Teeth, that takes place Thursday, March 31 in the Plaza View Room. More on that soon. One thing you'll be able to do there is personally scrutinize the contents of my pack and give me wonderful advice.
Here are links to both my (never quite finished, always evolving) gear list and itinerary. This is what I've been spending so much time on lately. I'm extremely interested in any thoughts you may have!
Meanwhile, Below is the newest hike ad running in the Union.
I'm deeply gratified to report that as of this writing, we've raised $2,985.95 for the three charities! Thankyouthankyouthankyou... And checks and pledges are still rolling in.
The hike has also gained astounding backing from local businesses. Acknowledgement on all that is imminent as well.
There are Union stories in the works on both RSVP/VCOR and the Children's Dental Angel Fund, which I'll link to here once they're published.
That's it for now. E-mail me with any questions. Expect a torrent of dispatches in the March run-up to my departure. And thanks for reading!

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Is Toilet Paper something you have to Mail to yourself along the way? or whatever you're using? I'm not being silly......I'm one of those people who used to ask how the guys in space went to the bathroom back in the day. and yes, I did see Matt Damom in The Martian. I had to use "Anonymous" as my Identity because my computer/Yahoo? decided last week to not let me into my EMail any more and this here won't give me the Option to put my other one. Signed, a Fellow Senior